About packaging

Cigarette companies, like manufacturers of many other consumer goods, have traditionally used various means to allow consumers to distinguish between products.


These may be words, pack colors or other elements of product and pack design.


Adult smokers use packaging to identify, obtain information about and choose between tobacco products. For example, imagine that a smoker likes smoking a particular brand of cigarettes. The fact that that particular brand's packaging features a distinctive design makes it easy for that smoker to point out the product he wants when he goes into a shop that displays tobacco products. It also makes it easy for the retailer to locate that product from amongst the other products.


Distinctive product packaging encourages competition, by differentiating one product from another, and facilitates consumer choice.


None of the elements of pack or product design – such as brand names, the taste and flavor of cigarettes, or tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide numbers, where these appear – is intended to state or give the impression that a particular product is less harmful than another. All of our packs also carry health warnings.