Risks of smoking

Tobacco products carry risks to health. No cigarette is safe.


No one should assume that any cigarette is less harmful than another, for instance because of its taste, strength, pack color or anything else which appears on packaging. You should not assume that any cigarette is easier to quit than another for these reasons.


Even the tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide numbers which appear on cigarette packaging in many countries do not tell you exactly how much of these substances you inhale or whether one product is safer than another (click here to read more about these numbers).


So, you should not switch to another type, flavor or strength of cigarettes on the assumption that it will lower your health risks from smoking. Switching is not a substitute for quitting. If you want to reduce or eliminate the risks of smoking, quitting is the only choice for you. Many smokers have quit without help, but if you have difficulty quitting, you should consult a health professional.